A C++ library for interoperability between C++ and Tcl

Welcome to the C++/Tcl library!

This library was written for C++ and Tcl programmers.
It was inspired by the Boost.Python library and was deliberately designed to provide a similar interface, taking into account the limitations of Tcl.

The C++/Tcl library offers the following features:
  1. Support for both extending Tcl with C++ modules and embedding Tcl in C++ applications.
  2. Possibility to expose free C++ functions as commands in Tcl.
  3. Possibility to define classes and class member functions, visible in Tcl in the style similar to SWIG wrappers.
  4. Possibility to manipulate Tcl lists and objects from the C++ code.

Quick Start
Extending Tcl by C++ module
Embedding Tcl in C++ program
Exposing Free Functions
Exposing Classes
Member functions
Objects and Lists
Call Policies
Factories and sinks
Variadic functions
Various Goodies
Package support
Stream evaluation
Tcl Namespaces
Safe Tcl Interpreters

Copyright © 2004-2006, Maciej Sobczak